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PhD student, FRS-FNRS

phone: +32 (0)2 650 49 58

e-mail: remi.capoduro@ulb.ac.be

Research interests

PhD research project

Population genetic structure and its consequences on sexual selection in a phytophagous insect (Gastrophysa viridula)

Supervisor: Jean-Christophe de Biseau   Co-supervisor Serge Aron

Specialization on host-plant taxa is often linked with fragmentation of populations, which can drive the evolution of species. Among phytophagous insects which represents a quarter of Earth terrestrial biodiversity, Chrysomelidae are specialists of a few host-plants species with a patchy distribution. Inbreeding depression may be a direct consequence of their very limited dispersal behaviour, affecting the adaptive potential of populations. By combining behavioural, chemical and molecular approaches, our aim is to decipher the effect of host-plant specialization on the genetic structure of populations and mating strategies, in the green dock leaf beetle Gastrophysa viridula. This polyandrous species is characterized by a patchy distribution linked to it host-plant Rumex obtusifolius.

Our objectives are threefold. First, we will perform a detailed study of the population genetic structure in G. viridula. Second, we will study chemical mate recognition and mate choice mechanisms. Third, we will explore the mechanisms of post-copulatory sexual selection and focus on sperm competition and cryptic female choice components in our study species.

Master thesis

Short-term impact of a high-fat high-sugar diet in peripheric olfactory system in mouse

Supervisors: David Jarriault and Xavier Grosmaitre

2014-2015, Center of taste and feeding behaviour (CSGA), University of Burgundy, France

Personality and immunity in Tenebrio molitor 

Supervisors: Karine Monceau, François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont and Yannick Moret

2014, Biogéosciences, University of Burgundy, France


Monceau K, Dechaume-Moncharmont F-X, Moreau J, Lucas C, Capoduro R, Motreuil S, Moret Y (2017) Personality, immune response and reproductive success: an appraisal of the pace-of-life syndrome hypothesis. Journal of Animal Ecology, In press.

Educational background

  1. 2016-today: PhD in Evolutionary biology and ecology (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)

  2. 2015: Master’s Degree (2nd year) in Eating behavior and neurophysiology (Agrosup Dijon/University of Burgundy, France)

  3. 2014: Master’s Degree (1st year) in Behavioural ecology (University of Burgundy, France)

  4. 2013: Bachelor’s Degree in Ecology, population biology and ecosystems (Aix-Marseille University, France)

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