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Research interests

The team develops research on plant biodiversity, mostly in African rainforests:

  1. Phylogeographic studies of plant species to reconstruct past population changes and test whether past climate fluctuations have lead consistent signatures across species.

  2. Studies on seed and pollen dispersal patterns in timber tree species to assess natural regeneration processes and provide guidelines for sustainable tropical forest management.

  3. Development of DNA (meta)barcoding approaches to identify tree species, identify the diet of herbivores and develop tools for timber tracking.

  4. Molecular systematics and taxonomy of some complex plant genera.

  5. Studies of forest tree community diversity patterns from local to continental scales to assess the relative impact of habitat filtering, drift-dispersal processes and historical events on the distribution of species and the (phylogenetic) structure of species assemblages.

  6. Transcriptomic response under drought stress in African tree species

  7. Theoretical work in population genetics and community ecology developing new approaches to infer processes from patterns.

  8. Development of new software for population genetics or community data analyses (SPAGeDi, SPACoDi, AutocorQ, BiodivR, TOROCOR).




phone: +32 (0)2 650 45 11     e-mail: ekaymak@ulb.ac.be

Post-doctoral researchers

Achille BIWOLE

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PhD students


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phone: +32 (0)2 650 45 11     e-mail: Claire.Baudoux@ulb.ac.be

Arthur BOOM

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Nicolas TEXIER

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e-mail: samuelvdabeele@hotmail.com

Scientific collaborator


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e-mail: bsenterre@gmail.com

Bonaventure SONKE

e-mail: bsonke_1999@yahoo.com


e-mail: Jerome.Duminil@ulb.ac.be

Previous post-doctoral researchers

Gilles DAUBY

Gabriel DEBOUT


Guillaume KOFFI

Alexandra LEY



Mohamed NEJI




Previous PhD students

Gilles DAUBY



Eben-Ezer EWEDJE

Guillaume KOFFI


Félicien TOSSO


Previous MSc students


Arthur BOOM










Romain JANS








Abubakari SAID






Publications (write an email to ohardy@ulb.ac.be for reprints)


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