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PhD in Sciences, Université libre de Bruxelles

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Research interests

PhD research project

The genus Entandrophragma (Meliaceae), an original model to study the diversity and evolution of Guineo-Congolian rainforests.

Supervisor: Olivier Hardy

Co-supervisor: Jérome Duminil

African rainforests present exceptional levels of biodiversity. The project aims to contribute, based on an original biological model, to the understanding of evolutionary mechanisms that shape the tropical biodiversity in the Guineo-Congolian region. The model chosen is the woody genus Entandrophragma (Mahogany family, Meliaceae), which is composed of ca. ten tree species of great economic (exploited for their wood) and social importance. Five out of these ten species are largely found in sympatry in terra firma tropical humid forests, which outlines the question of their diversification in relation to African rainforest biogeographical history. Specifically, this project aims to :

  1. 1.Sort out the phylogenetic relationships within the genus;

  2. 2.Characterize phylogeographic patterns of rainforest species of the genus;

  3. 3. Determine gene flow patterns (mating system, pollen and seed dispersal) of these rainforest species in order to evaluate the influence of logging on their population dynamic.

These results will contribute to the understanding of the evolutionary history of Entandrophragma species, and on the establishment of sustainable management strategies.

Master thesis

Genetic diversity and gene flow in an exploited tropical African species: Entandrophragma cylindricum (Sprague) Sprague

Supervisors: Jérome Duminil and Olivier Hardy (2012, Museum national d’histoire naturelle of Paris)

Educational background

  1. PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (2014- today, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)

  2. Master of Science in tropical biodiversity (2012, MNHN, Paris, France)

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