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Recent publications

Chérasse S, Aron S (2018) Impact of immune activation on stored sperm viability in ant queens. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 285, 20182248.

Dávila F, Botteaux A, Bauman D, Chérasse S, Aron S (2018) Antibacterial activity of male and female sperm-storage organs in ants. Journal of Experimental Biology 221, jeb.175158.

Dellicour S, Flot J-F (2018) The hitchhiker's guide to single-locus species delimitation. Molecular Ecology Resources 18, 1234-1246.

Demenou BB, Doucet J-L, Hardy OJ (2018) History of the fragmentation of the African rain forest in the Dahomey Gap: insight from the demographic history of Terminalia superba. Heredity 120, 547-561.

Kuhn A, Darras H, Aron S (2018) Phenotypic plasticity in an ant with strong caste-genotype association. Biology Letters 14, 20170705.

Migliore J, Baumel A, Leriche A, Juin M, Médail F (2018) Surviving glaciations in the Mediterranean region: an alternative to the long-term refugia hypothesis. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 187, 537-549.

Monthe FK, Duminil J, Kasongo Yakusu E, et al. (2018) The African timber tree Entandrophragma congoense (Pierre ex De Wild.) A.Chev. is morphologically and genetically distinct from Entandrophragma angolense (Welw.) C.DC. Tree Genetics & Genomes 14, 66.

Neji M, Serbaji MM, Hardy OJ, Chaieb M (2018) Floristic diversity and vegetation patterns along disturbance gradient in arid coasts in southern Mediterranean: case of the Gulf of Gabès, southern Tunisia. Arid Land Research and Management 32, 291-315.

Scheffrahn RH, Roisin Y (2018) Anenteotermes cherubimi sp. n., a tiny dehiscent termite from Central Africa (Termitidae: Apicotermitinae). ZooKeys 793, 53-62.

Tosso F, Hardy OJ, Doucet J-L, et al. (2018) Evolution in the Amphi-Atlantic tropical genus Guibourtia (Fabaceae, Detarioideae), combining NGS phylogeny and morphology. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 120, 83-93.

Vanden Abeele S, Hardy OJ, Janssens SB (2018) Isolation of microsatellite loci in the African tree species Staudtia kamerunensis (Myristicaceae) using high-throughput sequencing. Molecular Biology Reports 45, 1539-1544.

Wauters N, Dekoninck W, Fournier D (2018) Introduction history and genetic diversity of the invasive ant Solenopsis geminata in the Galápagos Islands. Biological Invasions 20, 3207-3226.

Willot Q, Mardulyn P, Defrance M, Gueydan C, Aron S (2018) Molecular chaperoning helps safeguarding mitochondrial integrity and motor functions in the Sahara silver ant Cataglyphis bombycina. Scientific Reports 8, 9220.


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