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Recent publications

Boom AF, Migliore J, Kaymak E, Meerts P, Hardy OJ (2021) Plastid introgression and evolution of African miombo woodlands: new insights from the plastome‐based phylogeny of Brachystegia trees. Journal of Biogeography 48, 933-946.

Degueldre F, Mardulyn P, Kuhn A, et al. (2021) Evolutionary history of inquiline social parasitism in Plagiolepis ants. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 155, 107016.

Fournier D, Aron S (2021) Hybridization and invasiveness in social insects – The good, the bad and the hybrid. Current Opinion in Insect Science 46, 1-9.

Guiglielmoni N, Houtain A, Derzelle A, Van Doninck K, Flot J-F (2021) Overcoming uncollapsed haplotypes in long-read assemblies of non-model organisms. BMC Bioinformatics 22, 303.

Lecocq de Pletincx N, Dellicour S, Aron S (2021) The evolution of ant worker polymorphism correlates with multiple social traits. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 75, 113.

Lukicheva S, Flot J-F, Mardulyn P, Eyre-Walker A (2021) Genome assembly of the cold-tolerant leaf beetle Gonioctena quinquepunctata, an important resource for studying its evolution and reproductive barriers between species. Genome Biology and Evolution 13, evab134.

Perez R, de Souza Araujo N, Defrance M, Aron S (2021) Molecular adaptations to heat stress in the thermophilic ant genus Cataglyphis. Molecular Ecology 30, 5503-5516.

Piñeiro R, Hardy OJ, Tovar C, et al. (2021) Contrasting genetic signal of recolonization after rainforest fragmentation in African trees with different dispersal abilities. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 118, e2013979118.

Ramírez-Portilla C, Baird AH, Cowman PF, et al. (In press) Solving the coral species delimitation conundrum. Systematic Biology.

Romero Arias J, Boom A, Wang M, et al. (2021) Molecular phylogeny and historical biogeography of Apicotermitinae (Blattodea: Termitidae). Systematic Entomology 46, 741-756.

Van Rossum F, Hardy OJ (2021) Guidelines for genetic monitoring of translocated plant populations. Conservation Biology 29, 4040-4058.

Vanden Abeele S, Janssens SB, Piñeiro R, Hardy OJ (2021) Evidence of past forest fragmentation in the Congo Basin from the phylogeography of a shade-tolerant tree with limited seed dispersal: Scorodophloeus zenkeri (Fabaceae, Detarioideae). BMC Ecology and Evolution 21, 50.


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