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Recent publications

Aron S, Deneubourg J-L (2020) Colony co-founding in ants is an active process by queens. Scientific Reports 10, 13539.

Boom AF, Migliore J, Kaymak E, Meerts P, Hardy OJ (2021) Plastid introgression and evolution of African miombo woodlands: new insights from the plastome‐based phylogeny of Brachystegia trees. Journal of Biogeography 48, 933-946.

Degueldre F, Mardulyn P, Kuhn A, et al. (2021) Evolutionary history of inquiline social parasitism in Plagiolepis ants. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 155, 107016.

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Demenou BB, Migliore J, Heuertz M, et al. (2020) Plastome phylogeography in two African rain forest legume trees reveals that Dahomey Gap populations originate from the Cameroon volcanic line. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 150, 106854.

Donkpegan ASL, Doucet J-L, Hardy OJ, Heuertz M, Piñeiro R (2020) Miocene diversification in the savannahs precedes tetraploid rainforest radiation in the African tree genus Afzelia (Detarioideae, Fabaceae). Frontiers in Plant Science 11, 798.

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Kuhn A, Darras H, Paknia O, Aron S (2020) Repeated evolution of queen parthenogenesis and social hybridogenesis in Cataglyphis desert ants. Molecular Ecology 29, 549-564.

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Perez R, Aron S (2020) Adaptations to thermal stress in social insects: recent advances and future directions. Biological Reviews 95, 1535-1553.

Rank NE, Mardulyn P, Heidl SJ, et al. (2020) Mitonuclear mismatch alters performance and reproductive success in naturally introgressed populations of a montane leaf beetle. Evolution 74, 1724-1740.

Romero Arias J, Chevalier C, Roisin Y (2020) Anatomical specializations of the gizzard in soil-feeding termites (Termitidae, Apicotermitinae): Taxonomical and functional implications. Arthropod Structure and Development 57, 100942.

Vanden Abeele S, Janssens SB, Piñeiro R, Hardy OJ (2021) Evidence of past forest fragmentation in the Congo Basin from the phylogeography of a shade-tolerant tree with limited seed dispersal: Scorodophloeus zenkeri (Fabaceae, Detarioideae). BMC Ecology and Evolution 21, 50.

Weber D, Flot J-F, Weigand H, Weigand AM (2020) Demographic history, range size and habitat preferences of the groundwater amphipod Niphargus puteanus (C.L. Koch in Panzer, 1836). Limnologica 82, 125765.


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