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Recent publications

Araujo N, Hellemans S, Roisin Y, Fournier D (2023) Transcriptomic profiling of castes and of sexually and parthenogenetically produced reproductive females in the termite Cavitermes tuberosus. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 171, 350-360.

Baudoux C, Biwolé A, Hardy OJ, Webber BL, Heuret P (2024) Can the competition dynamics of non-native invaders be reconstructed to reveal historical impact? The case of Cecropia peltata and Musanga cecropioides (Urticaceae) in Cameroon. Biological Invasions 26, 315-335.

Bhasin O, Doucet J-L, Ndonda Makemba R, et al. (2024) Contrasted spatial, demographic and genetic structures of a light-demanding African timber species, Cylicodiscus gabunensis Harms – Implications for a sustainable management of its populations. Forest Ecology and Management 551, 121527.

Dacquin P, Caiti E, Grégoire J-C, Aron S (In press) Preemergence mating, inbreeding, and their consequences in the bark beetle Ips typographus. Journal of Pest Science.

Degueldre F, Aron S (2023) Age-related changes in male ant sperm quality. Journal of Zoology 321, 33-39.

Degueldre F, Aron S (2023) Long-term sperm storage in eusocial Hymenoptera. Biological Reviews 98, 567-583.

Degueldre F, Aron S (2023) Sperm competition increases sperm production and quality in Cataglyphis desert ants. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 290, 20230216.

Martinet B, Przybyla K, Decroo C, Wattiez R, Aron S (2023a) Proteomic differences in seminal fluid of social insects whose sperm differ in heat tolerance. Royal Society Open Science 10, 231389.

Martinet B, Przybyla K, Michielsens C, Aron S (2023b) Transition in the production of diploid-female to haploid-male eggs in bumblebee colonies: sperm quality or depletion? Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 77, 133.

Perez R, Aron S (2023) Protective role of trehalose in the Namib desert ant, Ocymyrmex robustior. Journal of Experimental Biology 226, jeb245149.

Perez R, Benbachir M, Decroo C, et al. (2023) Cataglyphis desert ants use distinct behavioral and physiological adaptations to cope with extreme thermal conditions. Journal of Thermal Biology 111, 103397.

Redjdal A, Sahnoune M, Moali A, de Biseau J-C (2023) High divergence of cuticular hydrocarbons and hybridization success in two allopatric seven-spot ladybugs. Journal of Chemical Ecology 49, 103-115.

Renard T, Martinet B, Araujo N, Aron S (2023) DNA methylation extends lifespan in the bumblebee Bombus terrestris. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 290, 20232093.

Steenacker M, Tanabe LK, Rusli MU, Fournier D (2023) The influence of incubation duration and clutch relocation on hatchling morphology and locomotor performances of green turtle (Chelonia mydas). Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 569, 151954.

Vanden Abeele S, Matvijev K, Hardy OJ, et al. (2023) Genetic breaks caused by ancient forest fragmentation: phylogeography of Staudtia kamerunensis (Myristicaceae) reveals distinct clusters in the Congo Basin. Tree Genetics and Genomes 19, 27.


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